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Los Angeles County Museum of Art | LACMA | Sculpture |Bronze

Оригинал взят у li_ga2014 в Los Angeles County Museum of Art | LACMA | Sculpture |Bronze

0_8aac0_68eff06b_L (500x133, 62Kb)

Time Ravishing Beauty. Giovanni Battista Foggini (Italy, Florence, 1652-1725)
Italy, circa 1700-1725. Sculpture. Bronze

Hercules and Lychas. Antonio Canova (Italy, Possagno, 1757-1822)
French cast (?), Modelled in 1796; this cast circa 1825-1850
Sculpture. Bronze

The 'Apollo Belvedere'. Zoffoli, Giacomo (Italy (Rome), circa 1731-1785).
Giovanni Zoffoli (Italy, circa 1745-1805). Italy, after 1763-before 1805
Sculpture. Bronze

Seated Hercules. Guillaume Boichot (France, Paris, 1735-1814).
France, Paris, circa 1795. Sculpture. Bronze, cast by Charles Crozatier

Hebe and the Eagle of Jupiter. François Rude (France, 1784-1855)
France, circa 1853-1855. Sculpture. Bronze

Mercury. Willem Danielsz. van Tetrode (known as Guglielmo Fiammingo)
Holland, 1560-1565. Sculpture. Bronze on verde antico base
Apollo. Ferdinando Tacca (Italy, Florence, 1619-1686)
Italy, Florence, circa 1660. Sculpture. Bronze

Theseus and the Minotaur. Antoine-Louis Barye (France, 1796-1875)
France, circa 1860, this cast (Barbédienne) later
Sculpture. Bronze

Mars. Hendrick de Keyser (circle of) (Holland, 1565-1621)
Holland, circa 1600. Sculpture. Bronze on bronze and marble base

Превью 0_8aac0_68eff06b_L (500x133, 62Kb)
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